How do I Edit a Modifier, POS, or CPT Code on a Specific Appointment?

Need to change core details about an appointment?

For example: does the GT modifier need to be added for telehealth, or do you need to change a CPT code from 90834 to 90837? Do you need to change the POS code to 02 for telehealth?

Below shows you how to locate and edit a modifier, POS, or CPT code on a claim for a client.

Editing a Service Modifier, POS, or CPT Code:

  • Click Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the name of the client, loading their profile
  • Click Billing (top tab)
  • Click on the desired Date of Service
  • Click on the CPT Code Description:

  • Make your corrections as needed:
    • CPT code (top)
    • Modifier (bottom)
    • or POS code (bottom):

  • Click when finished
  • Then click the Claim tab (top):

  • Click (top right) → then
  • Review the claim to ensure everything is correct, when done click (top right)

info These options are edited on a per appointment / claim basis.