Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA's)

Many insurance companies offer an electronic version of the Explanation of Benefits called an ERA ('Electronic Remittance Advice').

ERA is a standardized electronic version of a paper Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Most Insurance Companies provide Electronic Remittance Advice (835) files. 

You can receive ERA files from your insurance company if you are:

  1. Using TherapyAppointment's per claim option [powered by Office Ally] to transmit claims electronically

  2. Connecting your TherapyAppointment account directly to a personal OfficeAlly account via SFTP to submit claims electronically

Regardless of the claim submission carrier that you have connected to TherapyAppointment, TherapyAppointment can receive these files and will they will automatically post them for sessions billed out of TherapyAppointment.

Sign up for ERAs

The process listed below is the process you will follow to set up ERA files for automatic posting to your TherapyAppointment account: 

  • Go to Officeally.com → click on Resource Center and select 'Payer Lists' (enter Insurance Company/Insurance Payer ID number into fields provided).
  • Once the insurance company info is displayed, look for the column labeled ERA
  • If there is a 'Y' in that column, your insurance company can forward ERA files to us 📄

Click on Resource Center again → select Payer ERA Enrollment forms from the drop-down.

  1. Locate the first letter of the insurance company name → click on it
  2. Locate the insurance company → click on it
    (A PDF form with instructions will pop up)
  3. Follow the instructions from the form exactly.
  4. Once completed, submit the form according to PDF instructions

Further questions about this process? For additional Office Ally Customer Service, call (866) 575-4120 → Option 1 or visit their support page by clicking here.

⚠️ Note: Many ERA applications offer an option to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT's) when you set up the ERA file. Signing up for EFT's is optional. You do not have to sign up for EFT's to receive ERA's. Typically, it takes an insurance company about 2-4 weeks to process an ERA application.

The original application form includes the insurance company's contact information, if follow-up is needed. You may resubmit the form if you have not received any correspondence from the insurance company within two weeks.