Why did I receive a Needs Confirmation alert?

Are you seeing a 'Needs Confirmation Alert' on your dashboard or Billing Screen? Read details below to understand why.

Needs Confirmation Alert Explained

The 2.0 system has recognized that you said this client/patient has insurance, but the system cannot find evidence of what the client owes you for their copay/coinsurance amount.

How to Fix the Alert

Clicking on the alert takes you to the client's insurance page, within the client profile. Locate the green box that reads 'Insurance Benefit Information'. The minimum requirement for dismissing this alert: enter the client’s usual per-session responsibility in the Usual Fee or Copay box. If the amount is zero dollars, enter 0.00 as the amount.

Why Did This Happen?

TherapyAppointment 2.0 is able to assign the client’s responsibility for the service as the amount listed in the Usual Fee or Copay box. Without this listed the entire responsibility is placed on the client, as due and payable, when that is not likely to be the case.

Locating Copay Responsibility Details

Insurance details are located within the client's insurance screen (select Insurance top tab, within the client's profile). Client payment responsibility will be located on their insurance company website.

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