Entering an EOB: Multiple Clients

Looking to manage payment amounts from insurance companies for multiple specific date of service? 

Details below explain how to enter multiple client Explanation of Benefits (EOB) information into the system.

Enter Explanation of Benefits

Starting this process is easily accessed from the Dashboard view.

  • Click Billing & Insurance (left menu)
  • Click

  • Define the Insurance Company
    • Do NOT search by client name, this will severely limit and result in individual results
  • Click Next
  • Enter the Payment Amount from the insurance company
  • Define the Payment Method ('check' or 'ACH payment')
  • Enter Reference/Check #

Many times an EOB is not able to be saved because the total payment amount that is applied to services has not been placed in the top box!

After entering the Payment Amount, remember to distribute the amount within the Services and Benefits section. Within the 'Services and Benefits' section are defined columns for Dates of Service ('Dates of Svc') and Clients, among other details.

info Note: The Schedule calendar may need adjusting, if the Date of Service is prior to 60 days ago. If the Date of Service is still not visible, uncheck the option Only Show Open Claims.

  • Next, enter the amount the insurance company paid on the line that matches the Client and Date of Service on the check in the open column labeled Ins. Payment
  • Enter the insurance company adjustment information within the open Ins. Adjustment column

    info Note: The remaining column will reflect the amount the client is responsible for (even if it's already been paid)
  • Click

Did you know TherapyAppointment can automatically post most EOB's? Learn more here.