Printing A Claim For A Single DOS

Need to print a paper claim for a client? Need to re-align it perhaps as well? These steps will get you there quickly!

First, navigate to the claim. There are a few ways to do this:

From the Schedule

  • Go to Schedule (left menu)
  • Find and click on the appointment, opening the appointment pop-up
  • Click the top Claims tab

  • From there, click the top right button
  • Click CMS 1500 from the dropdown:

From there, you can then choose from either option:

  • : not recommended for submitting to insurance. The reason is due to the variance in red tone across printers vary, and insurance uses that to process the claim, it may be rejected on that basis.
  • : this prints just the data onto an official CMS-1500 form, and meets insurance requirements (the red tone primarily).

This opens up a new tab with a PDF of the form you selected. From here, you can either print the PDF with your browser controls.

🎉 Success! Your claim is now printed!