Client Self-Biography

The Client Self-Biography allows you to use our pre-built Biographical Information Form to collect relevant information about clients in more detail. 

We have updated the form to be included as a part of the custom online forms library as a prebuilt template.

Doing this gives you:

  • Complete control over what questions are asked (add, remove, or edit any questions)
  • Question order (re-arrange them as you see fit)
  • More versatile answering options (single line, multi-line, selector, checkboxes, radio boxes, e-signature, date picker, etc)

How to add the Client Self-Biography Form

To add the Client Self-Biography form, go to:

  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Select the "Online Forms" tab at the top
  • Click at the top right:

  • Find the section at the bottom labeled "TherapyAppointment-Provided Templates
  • Then select "Client Self Biography"

You can then edit this as you would any custom online form

Note: We recommend setting it to auto-assign if your goal is to collect this from new clients. 

Don't forget to click  [Publish] to make the form live!

Client view: Completing a Client Self-Biography Form

Once assigned, similar to before, clients would then complete the form as they would any custom form by: