Accept Payment for Today's Appointment

Accept payment for today's session: 

You may start at any of these points to record a payment for today's session: 

From the Schedule

  • Go to Schedule (left menu)
  • Click on the client's appointment
  • Click (top right)

From the Dashboard

  • From the dashboard, click on the client's appointment
  • Click (top right)

From the Today View

  • Similarly to above, click Today (left menu)
  • Click on the client's appointment to reveal the appointment details
  • Click (top right)

From the Client's Billing tab

  • Go to Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the client's name, loading their profile
  • Click (top right)

The resulting page may show you an Additional Charges screen if the patient owes money from previous sessions.

  • Select to take payment for today's session AND past due sessions
  • Select to take payment for just this appointment

Here's an example of what you should see next, details are broken down below by the labeled numbers:

If the patient has insurance, the usual copay will pre-fill into the 'Due from Client Now' box


  1. The amount of payment you are collecting today into the Payment Amount box.
  2. Select the payment type the patient is providing:
    1. Cash
    2. Check
    3. Credit Card
    4. or External Credit Card
  3. Enter a reference in the Reference / Check # field if desired *

    Below the reference # is a date field. It auto-fills with today's date, but can be edited for a different payment date

  4. The paid amount is automatically distributing to cover the client's responsibility for today's session.
  5. If desired, enter a memo field for yourself and staff into the 'memo' section of the page.
  6. If desired, enter a notation. This prints on a patient statement as a notation about this payment. **

* Credit cards will automatically generate a unique reference # you can cross search
** This is a great way to indicate 'who paid' for those couple or family sessions in cases of parents each paying a portion of the fees.

The resulting payment will be show on the client's Billing Screen as a line item: 

Clicking on the client payment line item above will allow you to enter that particular transaction to confirm the date of service it was applied to.

Here you can also: , , or the payment with the top right buttons: