Date of Service Payment Posting

Taking a payment during the time of service can be quick and easy! The below steps offer a guide for taking client payments.

Client Payments: Take Payment

  • Click My Clients from the left-hand menu
  • Search and select your client from the list
  • Select the Billing top tab, locate the invoice number for the date the client is paying (you will now see the invoice)
  • Click the button, opening a new screen to enter the payment
  • Enter the payment amount/type of payment
  • Next verify the information you have entered, then Save Payment

Client Payments: Multiple Dates

It is also possible to accept payments from a client for multiple session dates.

  • Click Billing & Insurance from the left-hand menu
  • Click the button (top right)
  • Enter the patient and therapist, click Search
  • Enter the total payment amount/ type of payment/date of payment 
    • Apply payment information to each visit, if necessary
  • Click Continue, then Save