Taking Payment with International Bancard Using a Connected Terminal

Payment processing can be completed using the screens in TherapyAppointment OR by connecting a provided credit card terminal to your computer. If you are a telehealth only practice, you would likely never have need for a credit card terminal where cards are swiped/chipped into a card reader for processing. 

In this Article:

Setting up for Payment
Ready for Payment
Taking a Payment
Saving a Card
Updating a Card
Payment Timeouts

Setting up for Payment

Before beginning to take and process a payment, ensure that the terminal has been turned on.

  • Click My Clients from the left-hand menu
  • Locate and select your client
  • Select Billing & Insurance from the top tabs
  • Click the button
  • Ensure the Credit Card payment option is selected

  • Click Continue
  • Confirm the payment amount, then click the button

*At this stage, if there is not a terminal found, users are presented a message asking them to make sure at least one terminal is turned on.

When ready for payment, the terminal(s) will be listed. We recommend naming the terminal to eliminate confusion, even placing a label on it. For example: “Front Desk 1” or “Front Desk 2".

Ready for Payment

The option to 'Enter Manually' or 'Chip or Swipe' appears, along with Save this card for future use.

  • Enter Manually - the terminal walks the user through collecting card number, expiration, CVV and/or ZIP
  • Chip or Swipe - the terminal walks the user through chip, swipe, tap (or card-present technology it supports)
  • Cancel Payment - cancels this option/payment completely
  • 'Save this card for future use' is enabled by default

Taking a Payment

Once the payment selection has been chosen (manual or chip/swipe), the system gives a prompt. **NOTE: DO NOT refresh/leave this page until the transaction is complete! If the page is left before completion - the payment will not sync and appear in 2.0.

The terminal reader will signify the next steps. Insert or enter the information and allow the terminal reader to process and complete the transaction. Once complete, the payment behaves like a normal payment.

Can I save a card without a charge?

No, not by swiping the card through the card reader.  However, your client may enter a credit card on file via the client portal, or you can enter the card on file by going to the patient's profile page and manually entering it there. If you do not have a card on file for the patient and want to 'swipe' to save the card on file, you must make a charge to the card, even if it's only a dollar.

Updating a saved card

To update anything for a card, including the expiration date, you will want to completely re-save the card by taking a payment as you normally would with the client, opting to save the new card and details, then locate the old card (In the client profile under " Saved Credit Cards" > click [View] on the old one, then [Delete]).

Payment Timeouts

When payment starts, the user has two minutes to complete the sale on the reader. This is controlled by IB. If the payment fails, an error message is shown that asks the user to 're-try' or 'cancel'.