Configuring Payments with International Bancard

TherapyAppointment now offers integrated credit card processing with International Bancard (IB). IB gives our customers access to lower credit card processing fees and modern hardware. Download a pdf of the Ethernet Set Up Guide or 📶 Wifi Set Up Guide.

All eligible users, without credit card processing enabled, receive a to-do 'reminder' within their 2.0 dashboard. The IB option also includes the rate. Once a provider has received the International Bancard (IB) terminal, whether wireless or wired, follow the detailed steps to configure credit card processing with IB.

Within the Article:

Removing Cayan
Configuring IB
Account Setup
Private/Public Token
Client Portal

Removing Cayan

This will be the first step. *Please note - this step ONLY APPLIES to users currently associated with this payment processing option.

  • Click Practice Settings from the left-hand menu
  • Select Billing & Insurance from the top tabs
  • Navigate to the 'Payment Processing' section, click the button

  • Select the button (a warning will appear on the next screen, confirming the decision)
  • Click the button

  • Follow the next steps detailed, Configuring IB

Configuring IB

**Best Practice: Locate the recent IB email received. This will provide the link needed for setup in 2.0.

Account Setup

At the moment configuring payments with IB offers the option to save a card during a payment only.

  • From the Dashboard view, navigate to the Account Setup section, selecting 'Credit Card Processor Settings' 
  • Select the International Bancard Account option

Private/Public Token

The next screen is where the Private Token or Public Token will be copy/pasted. 

  • The token information is located within your IB portal online (*Connect with IB directly if there is any problem with access. Also, we highly recommend you copy/paste the Private token, due to its length and complexity - the private key is a 72-character string)
  • Once the Token information is pasted in the field, click Save

You are now ready to take a payment!

**NOTE: A warning will appear if the information is entered incorrectly, or if the terminal has not been connected.

Client Portal Payments

Clients have an opportunity to pay their bill directly through the portal, once International Bancard has been enabled by their Provider. A fairly straight forward process, the client will pay via the portal Dashboard or the My Account option, from the left-hand Dashboard menu.

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