Configuring Payments with International Bancard

TherapyAppointment now offers integrated credit card processing with International Bancard (IB). IB gives our customers access to lower credit card processing fees and modern hardware. Download a pdf of the Ethernet Set Up Guide or ๐Ÿ“ถ Wifi Set Up Guide.

All eligible users, without credit card processing enabled, receive a to-do 'reminder' within their 2.0 dashboard. The IB option also includes the rate. Once a provider has received the International Bancard (IB) terminal, whether wireless or wired, follow the detailed steps to configure credit card processing with IB.

In this Article:

Removing Cayan / TSYS Credentials
Retrieve Your Public and Private Tokens from International Bancard
Account Setup
Client Portal Payments

Removing TSYS Credentials

Please Note

This step ONLY APPLIES to users currently associated with this payment processing option.

If you do NOT have a card processor configured, please proceed to the next section, Retrieve Your Public and Private Tokens from International Bancard

  • Click Practice Settings from the left-hand menu
  • Select Billing & Insurance from the top tabs
  • Navigate to the 'Payment Processing' section, click the  button

  • Select the button below (a warning will appear on the next screen, confirming the decision)
  • Click the button

Please Note

This step removes all saved credit cards on file.

This is due to a technological and security limitation: we cannot transfer saved card data from one card processor to another

  • Follow the next steps detailed, including retrieving your tokens, then inputting them.

Retrieve Your Public & Private Tokens from International Bancard

**Best Practice: Locate the recent International Bancard email received. This will provide the link needed for set up in 2.0.

It will look something like this:

Follow the directions to log in to your Merchant Passport Account (save this email and login credentials)

Once Logged in:

  • Click on the left menu Item โ€˜Business Infoโ€™ 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page under the heading PassportConnect.
  • You will see both a Public Token and a Private Token
  • Copy these tokens IN THEIR ENTIRETY, including the words โ€˜public_ โ€˜ at the beginning of the token. 


There may be a 'copy' option below each public and private token value: you can use this, which automatically copies the value onto your computer's clipboard.

It may be easiest to have a notepad application open, and copy these two values onto different lines for the next steps (or just keep this website open and toggle back and forth)

Account Setup

  • Within TherapyAppointment, click the left menu option 'Practice Settings'
  • Select 'Billing & Insurance'
  • Scroll down to the bottom section titled 'Payment Processing'
  • Click 'Configure'
  • Select 'International Bancard Account'
  • This will bring you to the token entry:
  • The token information is located within your IB portal online, please see the section above (Retrieve Your Public and Private Tokens) for those steps if unsure
  • Once both the public and private token information is pasted in the respective fields, click Save

Congratulations ๐ŸŽ‰

You are now ready to take a payment!

**NOTE: A warning will appear if the information is entered incorrectly, or if the terminal has not been connected.

Client Portal Payments

Clients have an opportunity to pay their bill directly through the portal, once International Bancard has been enabled by their Provider. 
This is a fairly straightforward process once signed in, the client can either pay via the portal Dashboard or the $ My Account or $ Make Payment options from the left-hand menu.
With International Bancard, clients can enter their cards in one of two ways:
  1. Upon initial client portal setup registration, where we ask for various information like demographics, insurance, and credit card information (if enabled) under your client portal settings of your profile.
  2. After registration, if a client owes a balance to their provider, they can both enter and save a card on file while making a payment. The client would be presented to save the card on file while entering those details.
  • Clients can add a new card on file, and manage existing cards through their My Profile link (left menu)
  • They will not be able to delete the last remaining card on file for your protection (to bill in case of any remaining balance owed for example). Staff can remove any cards on file at anytime under the client profile.