Configuring Payments with International Bancard

TherapyAppointment offers integrated credit card processing with International Bancard (IBC).

If you have a physical terminal you can download or view a PDF of the terminal set up guides:
🖥️ Ethernet Set Up Guide or 📶 Wifi Set Up Guide.

A physical terminal is not required to process credit cards in TherapyAppointment, you can use a virtual terminal as well.

In this Article:

Removing TSYS Credentials

⚠️ Note: This step only applies to users currently associated with this payment processing option. If you do NOT have a card processor configured, please proceed to the next section, Retrieve Your Public and Private Tokens from International Bancard.
  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Select Billing & Insurance (top tab)
  • Navigate to the 'Payment Processing' section
  • Click the blue  button:

  • Here you'll see a similar screen:

  • Select the button below (a warning will appear on the next screen, confirming the decision)
  • Click the button

⚠️ Note: This step removes all saved credit cards on file.

This is due to a technological and security limitation: we cannot transfer saved card data from one card processor to another
  • Follow the next steps detailed, including retrieving your tokens, then inputting them.

Retrieve Your Public & Private Tokens from International Bancard

Locate the recent International Bancard email received. This will provide the link needed for integrating card processing.

It will look something like this:

Follow the directions to log in to your Merchant Passport Account:

🌐 International Bancard Merchant Portal

Once Logged in:

  • On the left menu click Business Info
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page under the heading PassportConnect.
  • You will see both a Public and Private Token
  • Copy these tokens IN THEIR ENTIRETY, including the words ‘public_ ‘ at the beginning of the token:

⚠️ Note: There should be a copy option below each public and private token value: you can use this, which automatically copies the value onto your computer's clipboard.

It is recommended to copy and paste both token values on a notepad application, then keep that open and return to TherapyAppointment to enter those values.

Account Setup

Once you have those two values, in TherapyAppointment go to:

  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Select Billing & Insurance (top tab)
  • Navigate to the Payment Processing section
  • Click Configure:

  • Select

  • This will bring you to the token entry:

  • Copy and paste those Public and Private token values you saved from the above steps here
  • Once both values are entered, click Save

Congratulations 🎉

You are now ready to take a payment!

Taking Payment Options

info Once integrated, for more information about payments including:

  • Adding cards (staff and client end) including during registration
  • Take a payment (staff) and make a payment (client)

Article: Accept or Take a Payment