Portal Invalid Link

From time to time, staff members or clients may report not receiving their portal registration email, or another issue (invalid link error) when attempting to set up their account.

Please read on to check for the most commonly seen fixes for these issues, and the process explained!

Note: Portal links sent will only go to the default email address on file (staff or client).

Invite Expiration Times:
👤 Staff - 1 hour (enhanced security to PHI)
👥  Clients - 48 hours

Invalid Link: Client or Staff Login

Here's what this email looks like:

Email Not Received (or found)

  • Have someone verify and confirm the current email address on file is correct (either the client or staff member, if necessary character by character)
  • Please check for any common misspellings or typos for the email address (for example - .cmo, or .net instead of .com)
  • Have the client search their inbox for an email from "no-reply@therapyappointment.com" -- it also may have been sent to "Spam" or "Trash"
  • If the client finds an email for registration from that email, have them click on it within 48 hours to create their new username/password

**NOTE: If the client does not click the email link sent from within 48 hours (or if they clicked an old link sent) they will receive the following error page:

Invalid link - Resend Invitation

  • Inform the client to first delete all emails sent from "no-reply@therapyappointment.com"
  • Within TherapyAppointment navigate to:
    • Clients
    • Locate and select your client
    • Look at the far right button menu
    • Click (Re)Send Portal Invitation

  • From there the client would get a link to click on, which would prompt them for their DOB that you have on file for them (in MM/DD/YYYY format, required). If it is not correct, they will not be able to proceed.

  • Note: Still not working? Verify with the client via secure communication what they are entering on the page, and manually compare it to their profile.
  • Is the DOB on file actually not correct? We get it, mistakes happen on all sides even when we try to be perfect! Edit it with the top right edit button (pencil and square) and save, then have the client re-try with the same invite link:
  • Once they do that, the system should prompt them to set up a client portal account (like in the screenshot below):

Invalid Link: Further Troubleshooting

Sometimes the issue is outside of our control, such as an email provider handling the link as a redirect in an odd way, or the page has been refreshed the page too many times (which would cause the page to display an invalid link).

Follow the same steps as above, and also perform the following:

  • Have the client right-click on the link within the email to copy the link 
  • They will open a new browser window, and paste that address into the address bar
  • Then hit Enter/Return (this should load the invitation properly)