Enabling Client Reminders

Setting up client reminders about upcoming appointments can be a good standard practice. A few quick steps below outline how to handle client reminder settings.

Within the Article:

Enable Client Profile Reminders
Reminder Type

Enable Client Profile Reminders

To enable reminders that will be sent to a client, first click the client name to access their profile.

If treating couples/families and needing appointment reminders to be sent to additional phone number or email addresses, add those phone and email addresses into the client's profile and set up the reminder for the associated phone/email.

  • Navigate down the page, locating Reminder Settings
  • Click the button for the line item of contact desired (email, phone)

Reminder Type

  • Select the appointment reminder settings desired ('Send Appointment', 'Confirm Appointments', etc)
  • Determine and select the advance notice time frame (days in advance)
  •  Click Save

**Note: Once an appointment has been scheduled for the client, a reminder is automatically sent to the client in advance of his/her appointment (according to what has been enabled by their Provider).

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