Quick Note vs. Progress (Session) Note

Quick Note

A Quick Note is typically used when documenting non-billable information in the client's clinical record. This could be a quick call or email you wish to document.

Keep in mind this will become a part of the client's clinical record, and will be printed out with all the other (session) record notes when printing records.

To create a Quick Note, follow these steps:

  • Go to Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the name of the client, loading their profile
  • Click Records (top tab)
  • Click the button near the top:

  • Enter or adjust any diagnoses and enter your notes
  • Then click

Progress (Session) Note

A Progress (Session) Note documents what took place during a client session / appointment, including billable CPT code(s) and optional modifiers.

To document a session note:

  • From the Dashboard: click on the appointment → Start Charting
  • From the Schedule: click on the appointment → Start Charting

⚠️ Note: For more information about charting, check out this article: Start Charting