Supervision in 2.0

TherapyAppointment allows for the management of supervisors and supervisees on an individual (1:1) basis for each chart note written.

Within the Article:

Starting Supervision
Stop Supervision
View a Provider's Supervisor
Supervisee - Charting
Supervisor - Charts Requiring Review

Required role:

To add and manage supervision, you must have a role as either an owner or manager.

Starting Supervision

To enable or start supervision, perform the following steps:

  • Go to Practice Settings from the left static menu
  • Navigate to the Staff section
  • Locate and click on the supervising Provider name
  • Within the Supervisees section, locate the provider name (that the selected provider will be supervising)
  • Click the button

The name of the supervisor provider is indicated with a checkmark, affirming who they are supervising.

**NOTE: Selecting a supervisor/supervisee does not affect any chart notes already locked, supervision will begin for any chart notes going forward.

Stop Supervision

To stop supervision at any time, click Stop Supervision within the Supervisor's profile (My Profile for the Supervisor themselves, or under Practice Settings > Staff > Supervisors Name > Supervisees > find the name and click [Stop Supervision] for someone else).

View a Providers Supervisor

To see a list of who is supervising a particular provider, go to their therapist profile (Practice Settings > Staff > their name) and look under the section " Supervisors"

Supervisee - Charting

Once supervision has been enabled, the supervisee would chart as they normally would.

At the end of charting after clicking [ Continue] - they will then see [Send for Supervisor Review].
(instead of [ Finalize & Lock] like any other normal, unsupervised provider)

Supervisor - Charts Requiring Review

Once Sent for supervisor review, within the Dashboard is a section for the Supervisor will have a section titled " Charts In Review" -- clicking on the chart brings up the chart. The next step is for the chart to be approved, or sent back to a supervisee for them to review and re-submit to you.

Once in the Review Chart screen, create additional notes if needed (the chart will appear signed by the supervisee provider). Choose whether to Approve and Lock the chart note, or Return with Feedback (when returned to the supervisee, it will include the "Reviewer Notes", such as what to correct and re-submit to you) for the supervisee.

  • If you click Return with Feedback, the chart note as a draft will be sent back to your supervisee along with the message you included in Reviewer Notes.
  • If you click Approve and Lock, the chart note will be permanently locked, and include both your supervisee and your electronically signed signature on the locked chart note.

**NOTE: Supervision in the 2.0 system is not designed to allow for editing existing supervisee notes. They will need to do that on their own when you opt to include reviewer notes for what to change, and click [Return w/ Feedback].


If you return with feedback, the supervisee can review the feedback either:

  • Under the Dashboard > "Charts in Review" section you can click Review Feedback
  • Under the original chart note - simply resume charting on it from My Schedule: click on the appointment and then on [Review Feedback]