Using Telehealth With Zoom FAQ

TherapyAppointment offers integrated telehealth utilizing the HIPAA-compliant Zoom for Healthcare platform! Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I use Zoom in TherapyAppointment?

A: Click the following link for instructions on how to enable/use the Telehealth feature: Turning On Telehealth (and a more in-depth walkthrough: Telehealth in 2.0)

Q: How much does telehealth via Zoom for Healthcare cost?

A: The cost for this feature is $15.00 per provider, per month.

Q: How do I turn this feature on for everyone in my group?

A: The Telehealth feature must be turned on for each provider's account individually. If you are the practice owner or a manager, you can go to the "Practice Settings" section of your account, then the "Staff" list, click on any provider's name, scroll go to the "Roles" section, and click the "Turn On" button next to the "Telehealth" role.

Q: Do I need to sign a BAA with Zoom?

A: No, you are covered under a BAA that we have signed with Zoom, and under the BAA that you have signed with us.

Q: Do I need to sign in to Zoom?

A: No. Although we recommend installing the Zoom app on your device for the best experience, you will not log into that app. You will schedule and launch the Telehealth session from within TherapyAppointment, and our application will open the Zoom app for any of your Telehealth sessions.

Q: Does Zoom allow for multi-participant meetings?

A: Yes! You will have the option to add multiple clients to a single Telehealth session. If you have additional providers or a supervisor join your session, you will need to share the meeting link with them. If you are holding group Therapy Sessions, schedule the group on your calendar and all clients in the group will be connected to the same meeting automatically. 

Q: Do I have to set up an account with Zoom?

A: No,  do not create an account with Zoom, though you will want to download the Zoom App on any device you use to provide telehealth sessions.  

Q: How do clients join their Zoom Telehealth session?

A: Clients will join their session by logging in via your client portal and clicking the button to “launch” the session. 

For direct portal access links, read Client portal website linking or Appear in our find a therapist search, which clients can then find you via Our 2.0 Therapist Search Page

Q: Can I merge/integrate my existing Zoom account with TherapyAppointment?

A: No, by using the integrated Telehealth option within our system you are technically using one of TherapyAppointment's Zoom for Healthcare seats to conduct your meetings. 

Q: Am I required to use Zoom?

A: While Zoom for Healthcare powers telehealth within TherapyAppointment, using this feature is optional. If our telehealth feature is 'off', you will not have the ability for scheduled sessions on your calendar to include the telehealth indicator icon nor generate  reminder notification that includes the telehealth link. 

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