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In this Article:

1. Getting Started

New to TherapyAppointment? Start here with overviews of our most popular features.

Relevant Articles:

Support Center

Learn how to search for answers directly within the system, and to locate our online knowledge base.

Password Reset

How to recover a forgotten password if you have trouble logging in.

Client Portal

How to configure and activate the client portal, a huge time-saver in our system.

Add a New Client

How to enter a new client and their information.

Standard Client Documents

Send read-only PDF documents already made to clients for e-signature (optional).

Practice Settings

Fine-tune your account by editing individual and group Practice Settings.

Customizing Your Availability

How to set up your availability for the first time or change your availability to accommodate special temporary schedules.

2. Billing & Insurance

Learn how to set up and bill insurance companies .

Adding Insurance Companies

How to add one or more insurance companies.

Insurance Settings & CPT Codes

How to manage insurance settings and CPT codes.

Insurance: Client Demographics

How to enter client demographics, policy information, insurance benefits, and authorizations.

Insurance: Notes & Claims

How to chart a session and create a claim simultaneously.

Insurance: Creating a Claim

More information on insurance claim creation.

Insurance: Claim Scrub

How to "scrub" a claim, ensuring that it is complete and ready for submission.

Manually Posting Insurance Payments

How to enter insurance payment information based information mailed by the insurance company.

Auto Posting Insurance Payments

More on posting from an Explanation of Benefits received from an insurance company.

Posting Secondary Insurance Payments

How to post a secondary claim payment for a client with more than one insurance carrier.

3. Account Management

Become a pro at managing your TherapyAppointment account.

Password Reset

How to reset your account password.

Two-Factor Authentication

How to set up two-factor authentication for enhanced security.

Managing Staff Preferences

How to add and managing staff members to your account.

Editing Preferences

How to access the My Profile options and Practice Settings sections.

Creating Online Forms

How to create custom forms using the "Online Forms" feature.

Triage Account for Group Practices

Using a "Triage Account" in a group to hold a set of new clients until they are assigned to a specific provider.

Locating Your Unique Client Portal Link

How to offer your patients access to the "Client Portal" and customize the portal.

4. Client Portal

From editing profile details (and credit cards), scheduling appointments, messaging, completing online forms, making payments, viewing/printing receipts or statements, and more — we have what you need!

Article: Client Portal: Overview.

Secure Client Messaging

How to send and receive messages and documents through the Client Portal.

Requesting Payment During Intake

How to request a credit card number during intake to store for payment.

Standard Client Documents

How to create, manage, and send your therapy clients standard documents through the client portal.

Automated Client Intake

How to set up automated new client intake through the client portal.

Client Self-Scheduling

How a client schedules an appointment through the client portal.

5. Charting

Have a chart template preference? SOAP, HIPAA compliant, Custom? We've got you covered!

Article on charting related features: Charting Options

Custom Chart Templates

How to create a custom chart template.

Creating and Managing Groups

How to create, manage and edit therapy groups.

Notes & Claims

How to create a claim for a patient's date of service by writing a note.

6. Scheduling

Manage your calendar and schedule within the system easily and quickly!


Adding Appointments

How to add new and reoccurring appointments to your calendar.

Scheduling & Reminders

How to use our scheduling features to make and keep appointments.

Google Calendar Sync

How to integrate your Google Calendar in a secure and HIPAA compliant manner.

7. Client Payments

Make things easier for yourself and clients, and get paid quickly with our PCI compliant credit card integration.

Article: Client Registration (ask for credit card)

Accepting Payments & Entering New Cards

How to quickly accept credit card payments at the time of service and enter new credit card information .

Auto Charging Credit Cards

How to set up auto billing for a card on file.

International Bankcard (IB) Processing

How to configure credit card processing with IB and process a payment.

Client Payment - Date of Service

Learn the steps for processing a client payment at the time of service.